Resurrection Lily

Resurrection Lily

Resurrection Lily grow in purple and pink colours. Flawlessly we call these flowers resurrection lilies because the leaves of resurrection lilies grow in spring. The appearance of these flowers is just like bulbs. We can also call these flowers Magic lily or surprise lily. Suitable Environment To Grow: These flowers are considered one of the … Read more



We can also call these flowers cut flowers. We can also call this flower by different names such as Gayfeather Liatris or blazing star. Interestingly these flowers possess beautiful purple spikes. Due to which these are ideal for making a bouquet. Moreover, these cut flowers are considered an essential part of the expert floral arrangements. … Read more

Red Valerian Coccineus

Red Valerian ‘Coccineus’

Red Valerian ‘Coccineus’ have eye-catchy carmine-red color. Significantly these flowers grow along with prolonged and soft, greenish-grey foliage. Moreover, the shape of its foliage is oval. If you want to regrow these stunning flowers. Then it is very easy you just need to cut its stem and plant it at another place or vase etc. … Read more

Graptopetalum paraguayense

Graptopetalum paraguayense

Graptopetalum paraguayense is almost the favourite of the majority of individuals because of its colour, shaper and elegance. These flowers are a combination of flat fleshy rosettes and branched stems. And the leaves of these flowers are shortly pointed as well. The length of the stems of these flowers is around 30 cm and 1.5 … Read more

Tibouchina Tree

Tibouchina Tree

Tibouchina Tree is one of the most important and famous species of flowers and belongs to the Melastomataceae family. We can also name these flowers princess flowers or purple glory trees. These flowers are the most important part of the gardens in Brazil. Flawlessly, these are considered ornamentals flowers and can be planted in two … Read more

Hosta Plantaginea


The sweet-scented plant with beautiful fresh green leaves, Hosta plantaginea is also known as August lily. This is an edible and beautiful flowering plant with low maintenance requirements and average watering needs. Suitable Environment for Hostaplantaginea: No matter you will provide Partial or full shade, this flowering plant will appreciate both. Moreover, Hosta thrives for … Read more

Munstead Lavender

Munstead Lavender

Munstead Lavender are famous due to their appealing fragrance. In addition to this, it has rosy flowers in beautiful purple color. Similarly, these flowers attract the gardeners most because of their prolonged scent. These rosy purple flowers have a great contrast with greenish-grey foliage. It is 20-24 inches tall in length. Its suitable place is … Read more

Dragon’s blood sedum

Dragon's blood sedum

Dragon’s blood sedum is The most calming plant ever. This beautiful deep red plant is an evergreen species of kingdom Plantae. Besides that, it is super easy to take care of and maintain. There are no hard and fast rules to look after this cute plant. Significantly they are so innocent that they don’t demand … Read more

Magnolia Genie Growing Guide

Magnolia Genie

Magnolia Genie is ideal for home gardens or other small gardens. Interestingly, the size of this tree is compact, small, and delicate. It starts blooming with little redbuds and purple-maroon color flowers. Similarly, the shape of its flowers is just like a tulip. In addition to this, these flowers grow in spring but can also … Read more