Graptopetalum paraguayense

Graptopetalum paraguayense is almost the favourite of the majority of individuals because of its colour, shaper and elegance. These flowers are a combination of flat fleshy rosettes and branched stems. And the leaves of these flowers are shortly pointed as well. The length of the stems of these flowers is around 30 cm and 1.5 in diameter. The colour of these flowers are unique that is greyish white. Interestingly, in hot and dry places its colour turns pinkish-yellow. If these flowers are planted in partial shades then you can get their leaves in blue-grey colour. plant, mother-of-pearl plant and sedum Weinberg also.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

These flowers grow smooth and perfect in such locations that receive good sunlight that is bright and healthy for the plant’s growth. It is also able to grow in light shades as well. But at the start of its growth, it needs average sunlight because over sunlight can burn its roots etc. The soil should be properly drained and moist.

Scientific name:

Its scientific name is




 Subfamily if this flower is Sedoideae




G. paraguayense

Tips to grow:

  • It is important to take well care of these plants till it’s full growth.
  • The best method to give water to these flowers is the soak and dry method.
  • If you want the best flowers then choose good and proper drained soil or mud.
  • It is crucial to fertilize this succulent at the beginning of the spring season. Because it is its growing season.

Frequently Asked Questions::

1. Graptopetalumparaguayense flowers are toxic?

Well, these flowers mighty contains a few toxic elements. So we want to make the individuals aware that they should avoid eating these flowers.

2. Why we can this flowering tree as a ghost plant?

We can it ghost plant because there is a lack of chlorophyll due to which it absorbs nutrients through the unseen process of myco-heterotrophy.


Aloe polyphylla.

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