Dragon’s blood sedum

Dragon’s blood sedum is The most calming plant ever. This beautiful deep red plant is an evergreen species of kingdom Plantae. Besides that, it is super easy to take care of and maintain. There are no hard and fast rules to look after this cute plant. Significantly they are so innocent that they don’t demand much attention and care. They will grow well in poor and less maintained soil.

Suitable Environment for Dragon’s blood sedum:

Dragons blood sedum are one of the rarest species of plant that can survive in worst conditions including poor soil, hot or cold weather, and less water.


This evergreen plant belongs to the Crassulaceae family.

Blooming Season:

Dragon sedum blooms from the start to the end of the summer season.


The basic size of this plant is 5-6 inches in width and 12 – 18 inches in length.

Sun Exposure:

Dragon Sedum grows best in full sun.


There is no such smell of these dragon plants.


This plant will not mind any negligence in maintenance. Significantly you can grow this plant without any proper maintenance and care.


Dragons sedum blood has usually pink, red, dark maroon flowers and green stems and leaves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this plant toxic?

No dragon sedum is not toxic and injurious to humans and animals.

Will this plant shed leaves in autumn?

This plant is an evergreen plant.  Its color may change in the autumn season from deep red to dark maroon but its leaves will not shed in winter or autumn season.

Do they spread?

Well, old and grown sedum plants will not spread. However small dragon blood sedum plant spread over time. People prefer this plant to cover hilly areas and to enhance the look of gardens.

Does this plant bloom?

The blooming season of this plant is in summer. This plant usually has pink, dark red, and light green flowers.

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