We can also call these flowers cut flowers. We can also call this flower by different names such as Gayfeather Liatris or blazing star. Interestingly these flowers possess beautiful purple spikes. Due to which these are ideal for making a bouquet. Moreover, these cut flowers are considered an essential part of the expert floral arrangements.

We can also call this flower by different names such as Gayfeather Liatris or blazing star. Another benefit of these flowers is that they can play a major role in medicine. Significantly, for the relief of upset digestion system of the individuals. The length of these flowers is approximately 2-5 feet tall. And to clarify, the leaves of these cut flowers are just like sport grass. At the top of this flower, there are small flowers. Moreover, these delicate flowers are purple and white.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

These flowers can easily be planted in any type of environment. Moreover, it needs good sunlight and light shades. The soil of these flowers must have good drainage and fertilization. Interestingly these flowers do not require any extra care and maintenance. And can enhance the beauty of any garden. Similarly, these cut flowers are resistant to pests. Moreover, it is also very important to give proper water to these flowers for better growth.


These flowers are originated from North America. Most importantly it is easy to plant in any natural atmosphere. And can adapt to any kind of garden environment easily.

Blooming Time:

The ideal season for the blooming of these cut flowers is from early summer till late autumn. Its blooming period is longer than the other flowers.

Scientific Name:

Liatris spicata.

Common Name:

There are different common names of these flowers such as blazing star, prairie start, and Gayfeather.


Its family name is Asteraceae.





Tips To Grow:

  • Regular water is very essential for its growth.
  • The soil for these plants must be fully drained and fertilized
  • Sunlight minimum 6 to 8 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions::

1. How much time does blazing stars take to grow fully?

These flowers usually grow fully after 80 to 90 days of the plantation.

2. Is there any toxic effect in Gayfeather Liatris?

No, there are no toxic elements present in these flowers.


Red Valerian Coccineus.

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