Ebb Tide Rose Floribunda Growing Information

TEBB TIDE ROSE is one of the most elegant ones. Flawlessly, once you smell its fragrance you will want to grow ebb tide rose at your place. Because its fragrance is strong and pleasant that can make your day fresh and happy. Besides that the height of Ebb Tide Rose: is approximately 16-30 inches. In addition to this, these flower’s purple sepals attract individuals towards themselves along with stunning green foliage.

Suitable place for Ebb Tide Rose:

The ideal location for the plantation of these flowers is such a place where it can take full sunlight along with partial shades. Moreover, from spring to fall these flowers bloom. Along with that, the soil must be well-drained and fertilized. In addition to this, the soil must be humus enrich. Because it is good to water these flowers thoroughly but keep in mind over wet soil is not good for them. Additionally, it is better to water these flowers in the early morning instead of at night. But wet soil can cause serious diseases such as fungus.

Origin of Flower:

These flowers were the first time came being in the year 2001 in the USA by Tom Carruth.

Common Name:

The common name of this flower is Floribunda rose.

Scientific Name:

Rose Ebb Tide

Family of Ebb Tide Rose:

It belongs to the Floribunda family.


The category of this flower is Bush Rose.


  • Well-drained soil is required
  • The best time to grow these flowers is in late spring.
  • Sunlight is very essential for quick and healthy growth.

1. What type of flower is this?

Well, these flowers are one of the most favorite flowers of individuals. In addition to this, these flowers are old-fashioned. Along with this, these flowers are deep and double smoky purple blooms. Moreover, each flower contains 35 petals.

2. Is this flower has an unpleasant fragrance?

No, not at all, the fragrance of this flower is strong and pleasant


Magnolia Genie.

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