Growing Tips Arum Italicum Houseplant

Arum Italicum | Italian Arum

Arum Italicum Houseplant is a nice treat for people who are obsessed with beautiful plants. This plant has a very unique appearance. Its leaves have a pretty green colour with nice yellow veins. Besides that, it produces beautiful snowy white flowers that later on turn into nice eye-catchy red fruits. Suitable environment:Highly moist and well-drained … Read more

Angel Face Rose Growing information

Angle Face Rose | Guardian Angle

Angle face rose are beautiful flowers that have a very pleasant fragrance. Additionally, the foliage of this plant contrast with the beautiful dark green glossy leaves. Furthermore, These plants are non-toxic as you never feel any difficulty with your kids and pets. The interesting thing related to this plant is that the petals, buds, and … Read more

Mojito Plant Care And Growing Guide

Mojito plant | Colocasia Esculenta

Mojito plant is a perennial plant with extremely attractive foliage. It is famous for its magnificent foliage and heart-shaped broad leaves. Its leaves are droopy and are pointed towards the ground that making it look more attractive and classic. These Mojito plants are best to add an extremely pretty and sophisticated look to your gardens. … Read more