Hosta Plantaginea

The sweet-scented plant with beautiful fresh green leaves, Hosta plantaginea is also known as August lily. This is an edible and beautiful flowering plant with low maintenance requirements and average watering needs.

Suitable Environment for Hostaplantaginea:

No matter you will provide Partial or full shade, this flowering plant will appreciate both. Moreover, Hosta thrives for semi-moist and fully drained soil. This will work equally well in different tough weather conditions.


The flowers of Hosta plantaginea blooms at the end of the summer season.


This scented plant is basically from China.


It belongs to the Asparagaceae family


This amazing flowering plant has a very sweet and pleasant fragrance.


This plant has green leaves with small white flowers.

Plant Type:

This is a flowering plant.

Sun Exposure:

This plant will grow well with minimal exposure to sunlight.


The basic watering need of this plant is average.  So it is recommended to water it thrice a week.


There are no such tantrums of this scented plant. As it belongs to China where the weather is extremely hot and humid.  So it will happily tolerate such conditions.

Tips For Proper Growth:

  • Make sure to cut the stems after the blooming season, this will help your plant to grow well.
  • Keep the soil of Hostaplantaginea semi-moist.
  • Don’t water it daily it will damage its roots.

Plant Diseases:

Usually, Hosta is not prone to plant disease but still, you have to be careful from snails and other insects that can harm it.

Frequently Asked questions

Is it edible?

Yes, this is an edible flowering plant. Japanese are consuming these flowering plants for so many centuries. They prefer this plant in different kinds of salads.

Is it a scented plant?

Hostaplantaginea is a mildly scented plant that has white fragrant flowers.

Does it prevent weeds?

Hosta plants shade the soil as a result they minimize the growth of weeds.


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