Magnolia Genie Growing Guide

Magnolia Genie is ideal for home gardens or other small gardens. Interestingly, the size of this tree is compact, small, and delicate. It starts blooming with little redbuds and purple-maroon color flowers. Similarly, the shape of its flowers is just like a tulip. In addition to this, these flowers grow in spring but can also be planted inadequate weather. This magnolia grows fast and turns into a little specimen tree. Flawlessly, this magnolia tree is 10-13 feet tall. The best take care of this flowering tree is that it must be pruned when it has full leaves in mid of summer.

Suitable Environment To Grow Magnolia Genie:

If you want to grow a magnolia tree in your garden. Then your soil must be well-drained, fertilized, a little bit acidic, full of organic nutrients, well moist. Significantly, these flowers grow well in sand, loam, clay. Moreover, it should get high protection in the winter season. Because due to cold weather its buds and flowers can get damaged.

Origin of Flower:

This flower was originated in New Zealand.

Common Name:



It belongs to the Magnoliaceae family.


Magnolia L.


Magnolia soulangeana x Teleflora ‘Nigra’.

Tips To Grow Healthy Flowers:

  • The environment should be moist and partially shaded.
  • It grows faster if the soil is slightly acidic.
  • These flowers need high protection in the winter season.
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it true that magnolia Genie is a poisonous flower tree?

Well no, according to research these flowers don’t contain any poisonous substance in them. Due to which it is not harmful to human beings.

2. How individuals can protect their magnolia trees from the attacks of deer?

Well, the most simple method to keep deer away from your flowers tree is to surround your tree with a long-lasting fence.


Dragon’s blood sedum.

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