Profusion Zinnia Plant Growing and Caring Tips

Profusion Zinnia

Profusion Zinnias are a popular choice for gardeners due to their vibrant colors and ease of care. Here’s an extensive guide on growing and caring for Profusion Zinnia plants: The Profusion Zinnia is a delightful and widely available annual flower. Common names for the species include Dahlia Flowered Zinnias, Cut-and-Come-Again Zinnia, California Giants, Thumbelina Hybrids, … Read more

Lavender Provence | Fat Lavender Growing Guide

Lavender Provence | Fat Lavender

Lavender Provence are the evergreen, perennials and beautiful flowers. Additionally, the foliage of this plant is available in silver-green colour. Both the flowers and foliage of lavender are extremely aromatic. These are considered best for humid summer as it has a more humid temperature and withstands hotter than any other lavender. Furthermore, these are normally … Read more

Ghost Fern Care And Growing Tips

Ghost Fern | Anthurium Felix Femina

Ghost fern is an elegant deciduous fern that is attached with a beautiful rosette of arching. Additionally, the foliage of this plant is available in purple colour. Furthermore, these are very beneficial as they are edible and their fiddleheads can be used to make different foods. Moreover, these are considered non-poisonous plants as you never … Read more

Brunnera Macrophylla Care And growing Tips

Brunnera Macrophylla | Siberian Bugloss

Brunnera Macrophylla are the evergreen, perennial and most beautiful flowers in the world. Additionally, the shape of its leaves is heart-shaped with green and veined edges. Furthermore, the colour of its flowers is pale blue. These are good looking plants as you can decorate different types of occasions like weddings, parties etc. Most probably, these … Read more

New Zealand Flax Care And Growing Guide

Phormium | New Zealand Flax

New Zealand Flax are the perennial, evergreen shrubs that make a bold form of cup-shaped clusters. Additionally, the foliage of this plant looks great throughout the year and it provides the perfect foil for other plants like pots, gravel gardens, raised birds and borders. Moreover, the leaves of its plan are available in various colors … Read more

Bachelor Button Care And Growing Tips

Globe Amaranth | Bachelor’s Button

Bachelor Button attractive flower is also known as Bachelor Button. Interestingly it is also edible. Such as its leaves are used in salads etc. It belongs to the Amaranthaceae family. These flowers grow in round shapes. Attractively Bachelor Button is beautiful inflorescences that don’t need any extra care and maintenance. Like the other plants they … Read more