Japanese Wisteria


Japanese Wisteria is one of the most beautiful flowers species and it grows in the spring season. It is one of the prolonged flowers and is available in blue to purple color sepals. These flowers are almost 30 feet tall and are one of the heavy grow plants. Its best time is from spring to … Read more

Clematis Viticella

Clematis Viticella

Clematis Viticella us super famous and well-known flowering plant This is a very nice and attractive flower plant. It has dark purple color with a cute light yellow stem. This flower is grown for ornamental purposes these flowers have a long bloom season, from summer to autumn. To clarify, this flowering plant can be used … Read more

Geranium Sanguineum

Geranium sanguineum:

The scientific name of this flower is Geranium sanguineum. These flowers are considered hard flowers just like old boots. In addition to this, these eye-catchy flowers are in beautiful rosy pink and purple colours. Flawlessly, these flowers are enough to smother the greenery for the summer. Moreover, you can cover your ground with these flowers … Read more

Meadow Rue

Meadow rue

Meadow rue is the most attractive and pretty flower. In addition to this, these are available in blue colour and have numerous long stamens which are often visible in pink, yellow, purple and white colour. Meadow rue is mostly found in a damp or shaded place. Additionally, these are available commonly in the temperate regions … Read more

Mexican Bush Sage


Mexican Bush Sage is another attractive plant that has stunning and smooth foliage in green color and also has a little bit slivery shades in it. In addition to this, this is the favorite of most people because it creates beautiful cascades of flowers that are velvety purple. These classy flowers are the favorite of … Read more

Alocasia Odora


This beautiful plant has a pleasant scent and this is also known as night lily. People prefer to grow this plant in a garden to enjoy the sweet scent of this beautiful alocasia odora. Besides its pleasant smell, its eye-catching beauty and evergreen quality makes alocasia odora special. The shape of this plant resembles the … Read more