Dryopteris Filix-Mas: Male Fern Care and Growing Tips

Male fern is the more dense and tall version of the lady fern plant. It has green leaves that mostly grows in an upright direction. This plant loves shade and is mostly found under the woodland of forests. This plant is not much attractive so mostly it is not used in gardens.

Suitable environment:This plant can survive in a wide range of Soil types like dry, slightly moist, chalky and sandy.

Scientific name:Its scientific name is Dryopteris filix-mas.

Origin:This plant is grown in North America.

Family:Dryopteridaceae is the family name of the male fern.

Class: This plant belongs to Polypodiopsida class.

Specie:Its species is D. filix-mas.

Order:Its order is Polypodiales.

Fragrance:It doesn’t have any clear fragrance.


The propagation of male fern is tricky and

germination if a person is not professional or experienced. This plant can be propagated through spores. Add spores into compost in the spring season to propagate this plant. Keep the container covered with plastic. The germination will take approximately three months. 

Watering:Male ferns enjoy occasional watering. So it’s best to water your plant only once a week. 

Disease:This plant is disease-free. In case male ferns are growing in a dense form then they will face some leaf diseases like leaf spots. But there is no need to worry about it, you can get rid of this disease by trimming the affected leaves. 

Fertilizer:A balanced fertilizer is best for male ferns. Fertilize the plant twice a year and they will grow better and healthier. Don’t add too much fertilizer because it will damage the plant instead of growing it.


Make fern is a low maintenance plant. All you need to do is fertilize it twice a year and water it once a week.

Trimming:Mostly trimming is not required for male ferns, but if you feel that some leaves are weak or diseased then just trim them off to make the plant grow well.

Soil PH:This plant loves acidic or alkaline soil.

Side effects if ingested:Male ferns contain some highly toxic chemical substances. In case this plant is consumed by humans it can cause severe reactions. This plant will cause stomach pain, difficulty in breathing, headache, dizziness, nausea etc. 

Medical uses of male fern:This plant is mostly used to kill the tapeworms in the stomach. It contains some chemicals that can kill the tapeworms in the stomach. But its poison can harm the life of humans as well. So it is not recommended to use for tapeworms because there are so many other options that are safe and effective.


  • It is a showy plant.
  • This plant grows in a dense and compact form.
  • It doesn’t have any fragrances.
  • This plant is poisonous.
  • It can be used to treat tapeworms in animals.
  • It loves shady areas.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the type of this plant?

This is a male version of the lady fern plant. This grows much faster and denser than lady fern. 

  • Is it an evergreen plant?

It is a semi-evergreen plant. Because in some areas it remains green throughout the year while in other areas it turns yellow in winters.

  • What is the genus of this plant? 

Its genus is Dryopteris.

  • Is this plant available in different colours? 

This plant is mostly available in green color .

  • What is the average size of this plant?

This plant grows up to 4 feet long.


Although male fern is an easygoing plant it is not grown in gardens for ornamental purposes. This plant can’t produce flowers and doesn’t have any fragrance so mostly it is not praised as a garden plant.


Asarum Europaeum.

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