Munstead Lavender

Munstead Lavender are famous due to their appealing fragrance. In addition to this, it has rosy flowers in beautiful purple color. Similarly, these flowers attract the gardeners most because of their prolonged scent. These rosy purple flowers have a great contrast with greenish-grey foliage. It is 20-24 inches tall in length. Its suitable place is a mound that is compact and bushy.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

These flowers grow well if the location is sunny and contains perfect air circulation. In addition to this, the best season of these flowers plantation is spring. The soil must be well-drained and moist. These flowers also need at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight.

Moreover, if these flowers grow well they can make your surroundings pleasant.

Origin Of Munstead Lavender:

These flowers are mostly located in England.

Scientific Name:


Common Name:

This flower has many common names such as English lavender,  true lavender, small-leaved lavender, etc.


Lavandula is the genus of this flower.


Its family name is Lamiaceae.


Its species name is Angustifolia.

Tips To Grow Lavender:

There are some tips and tricks to grow the best and long-lasting lavender plant:

  • It also needs well-drained soil. Moreover, if the soil has poor drainage then you’re unable to grow healthy lavender.
  • If its roots are wet then its death is possible.
  • These flowers cannot tolerate humidity. So take care of it.
  • Sunlight is the basic component to grow these flowers.

1. What are the benefits of lavender?

There are some unique and unbelievable benefits of lavender. Such as it can be used in soups, meats, drinks, and salads to enhance their tastes.

2. What are the side effects of these flowers?

If any human being is allergic to these flowers or any other flowers then it is beneficial to avoid drinking lavender tea.

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