How To Grow and Care Calandrinia


Calandrinia flowering plant with greenish-grey leaves and performs well in loam, chalk and sandy areas. Besides that, it doesn’t thrive for full sun. This plant can be used for ornamental purposes in gardens. Season Its flowers bloom from late spring to the summer season. Scientific name This flowering plant is Calandrina Grandiflora’s scientific name. Common … Read more

How to Care Aloe Arborescens At Home

Aloe arborescens

Aloe arborescens are multi-headed, large, and succulents. Interestingly we called these flowers Aloe arborescent. because they usually grow up to the size of a tree. The estimated length of these flowers is about 6-9.8 feet. Additionally, these flowers contain a beautiful combination of colors which includes green and little blue tints. To clarify this, these … Read more

Lily of the Nile

Lily of the Nile

These are unique and attractive flowers. Significantly, the Lily of the Nile flowers is also known as African lilies. In addition to this, these flowers are a marvelous perennial that starts growing in the spring till summer. As a result, it will give magnificent floral scapes. Simple we can say that these are summer season … Read more

Planting Tips For Black Magic Colocasia

Black magic colocasia

Black magic colocasia is first time introduced in the wild forests of the Philippines. Additionally, these flowers are one of the plants that were shared with a gardener know as Walter Pagels California who give it the name Black magic colocasia and also introduced them in the United States. These flowers are purple-black and are a little … Read more

Agave Attenuata


Agave Attenuata is known as loin tail, foxtail, or Swann’s neck plant. This plant doesn’t have any fragrance and it is mostly used as an ornamental plant in gardens. This plant always grows in less moist and warm areas. SUITABLE ENVIRONMENT FOR AGAVE ATTENUATA: If you want to grow agave attentuata in your garden then … Read more

Spider Lilies Flowering plant Planting Tips

Spider Lilies Flowering plant

Spider lilies are a beautiful and eye-catching Flowering plant, which belongs to the “Amaryllis”  Family (subfamily Amaryllidoideae). This plant was first grown in Japan and is now mostly found in the countries known as China, Korea, Nepal, the United States, and elsewhere. This plant usually grows in cold areas containing temperatures -4 degrees Celsius to … Read more