How To Grow and Care Calandrinia

Calandrinia flowering plant with greenish-grey leaves and performs well in loam, chalk and sandy areas. Besides that, it doesn’t thrive for full sun. This plant can be used for ornamental purposes in gardens.


Its flowers bloom from late spring to the summer season.

Scientific name

This flowering plant is Calandrina Grandiflora’s scientific name.

Common name

Its common names are:

  • Purslanes
  • Redmaids


Luckily this plant is not prone to pests and other harmful disease.


This plant belongs to the Montiaceae family.


Its genus is  CalandriniaKunth.

Plant type

This is a flowering plant that usually has white, purple, and red flowers.

Watering needs

This plant doesn’t thrive for plenty of water. But on hot summer days, it is recommended to water it occasionally.


It has a very mild to no smell at all.


Catrina plant is usually only six inches tall.


It is widely found in three colors including white, red and purple.

Growing tips

  • This plant can be grown through small seeds.
  • If you are growing the Calandrinia plant through seeds then follow these steps.
  • Make sure the soil is soft enough to make seeds sprout.
  • Put seeds directly into the soil.
  • Keep at least a distance of 8 inches between the seeds.
  • Water it occasionally for best growth.

Sun Exposure 

This plant always grows well in full sun.


This plant has a lifespan of two to three years.


This plant doesn’t require high maintenance and care.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can I propagate this plant?

Calandrinia can be easily propagated through seeds as well as the cuttings of an adult plant. You just have to put the cuttings into the soil and it will grow in some weeks.

  • Is Calandrinia evergreen?

Yes, this flowering plant is an evergreen plant. But its blooming season is spring and summer in which its nice pinkish-purple flowers bloom.

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