Plantain Lily Hosta Care And Growing Guide

Plantain Lily | Hostas

Plantain Lily Hosta are shade-loving perennials and are highly expensive by the gardeners due to their attractive foliage. Additionally, the world of plantain is rich in terms of its leaves shape, texture, size and color. There are thousands of plantain cultivars available reflecting their popularity with gardeners and new varieties of these plants also begins. … Read more

Foxtail Barley Caring Tips

Foxtail Barley

Foxtail Barley is an evergreen and perennial plant. Additionally, it has attractive inflorescence and is considered an ornamental plant that helps to increase the beauty of your garden. Moreover, its seeds have sharp, pointing and needle-like barbs. Origin: It is native to northeastern Siberia and North America. Family: This belongs to the family of Poaceae. … Read more

Paddle Plants | Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora

Paddle Plants are succulent plants that produce a 1m tall stalk that dies after its growth. Additionally, it has fleshy, large and round shape leaves with powdery blooms. Origin of Flower: It is native to several countries that include: Swaziland. South Africa. Lesotho. Botswana. Genus:Its genus is Kalanchoe. Family:The flower belongs to the family of … Read more

Colocasia Mojito | Mojito Elephant

Colocasia Mojito

Colocasia Mojito is a herbaceous perennial plant that has large corms. Additionally, Its leaves are larger and sagittate in shape. Moreover, this plant can be reproduced with the help of rhizomes. Origin:It is native to the Indian Subcontinent and Southeastern Asia. Genus:Its genus is Colocasia Schott. Family:This belongs to the family of Araceae. Subfamily:The subfamily … Read more