Planting Tips For Black Magic Colocasia

Black magic colocasia is first time introduced in the wild forests of the Philippines. Additionally, these flowers are one of the plants that were shared with a gardener know as Walter Pagels California who give it the name Black magic colocasia and also introduced them in the United States. These flowers are purple-black and are a little bit dusty. Flawlessly these flowers are approximately 5-6’ tall. The people who are lovers of the purple and black combo flowers then it is the best option. The best season for these flowers is warm summer and it loves to absorb plenty of sunlight. These black magic flowers can survive at 0°degree F.

Suitable Place To Grow:

The soil that is ideal for the plantation of black magic colocasia should be average or wet in condition. These flowers love a lot of sunlight and normal shades for better growth. Interestingly these flowers need regular fertilizer and care.

Origin of the flowers:

These black magic flowers were first time found in the Forest of the Philippines that are dark and wild. Undoubtedly, also in the US. 

Common Name:

Black elephant ear is the common name of this flower

Scientific Name:



It belongs to the Araceae family.

Growth Season:

Spring to Fall winter.                       

Tips To Grow The Best Black Magic Colocasia:

  • To grow these flowers healthily you can follow the below tips
  • First check the clay is fertilize.
  • The environment where you are going to plant these flowers can have direct interaction with sunlight
  • Maintenance of these flowers specifically  is very essential.
Frequently Asked Questions:

In what colors black elephant ear plant is available?

These stunning flowers are available in two favourite colours black and purple?

Are these flowers toxic or not?

No these flowers are not toxic at all and do not harm your health.


Colocasia Mojito.

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