Complete Ornithogalum Plant Details Care Tips

This flowering plant is one of the pretty and most attractive flowers. Furthermore, It has a 30 cm slender stalk and species which have linear basal leaves. Besides that, Ornithogalum produces clusters of white star-shaped flowers often striped with green color. In addition to this, the number of species varied according to authority from 50 to 300. Additionally, the species of this plant can be sold as cut flowers especially O dubium, O saundersiae, Othyrsiodes, and O arabicum.


To protect Ornithogalum it is better to place it in sunlight. Along with this, it can better perform in medium moisture, organically rich well-drained soil.


The origin of this flowering plant is mostly southern Europe and southern Africa.


its genus is Ornithogalum.

Family :

This plant belongs to the family of Asparagaceae.


The subcategory of this flowering plant is Scilloideae.


Some of the essential tips are here which are beneficial for the better growth of this plant, so follow these.

  • It is important to place Ornithogalum in well-drained soil.
  • Site Ornithogalum when there is full sun available otherwise its growth is affected.
  • Water well for the settling of soil after planting.
  • When there is bloom you are comfortably free to cut Ornithogalum for bouquets.

1. Does this spread?

It is necessary to water this plant lightly until top growth arises. In Addition to this, when you feel that the bloom of flowers becomes faded so there is a need for a deadhead with the help of clipping off the spent blooms. As in this way, it cannot reach to seeds and you can prevent it from spreading.

2. What is the scientific name of this plant?

The scientific name of Ornithogalum is ornithosis.

3. Which temperature is best for this flowering plant growth?

For the better growth of this plant, it is mandatory to put flowers in cooler means the indoor temperature is suitable for it.

4. Is Ornithogalum is herb or shrub?

Significantly, this plant is considered a perennial herb that is native to Africa.

5. Is it an annual or perennial flower?

This flower grows every year.

6. What is the growing season of Ornithogalum plant?

The ideal season to grow this flowers in October to February..

7. How many colors are available in Ornithogalum ?

Ornithogalum plant is available in white, yellow, and orange.

8. What is the average size of this flowering plant?

The mature size of the Ornithogalum plant range from 30 inches inches tall and spread 4-5 inches.

9. What is the origin of Ornithogalum plant?

You will find these flowers widely in the regions of southern Africa & southern Europe.

10. Does these flowers are poisonous?

Yes these flowers are toxic to humans and livestock.

11. Is there any medical benefits of these flowers?

Yes, these flowers are used in the treatment of various issues and act as an antioxidant and had purifying properties.

12. Are the leaves of the this plant edible?

No, the leaves of these flowers are Not Edible .

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