Grow Rock Cress Flowering Plant At Home

Rock Cress is an attractive flower plant, which is counted as a member of the “mustard family”. Rock Cress is an annual flowering plant that contains pink, blue, or white color and looks beautiful on the rock walls. These are found in Northern Hemisphere and in Africa.  While these flowering plants are the most attractive plant which attracts butterflies and bees. The length of Rock Cress grows from  15 to 18 inches (38 to 45.5 cm) long. Rock Cress is mostly planted for decoration purposes in gardens. which makes these gardens attractive and beautiful.

How Can We  Grow This Plants at Home

Rockcress plants can easily grow in any type of soil although the soil is sandy or soft, it doesn’t matter. For growing this plant firstly we need seeds of this plant and can be grown easily by bowing this seed in our gardens. While the time period to grow this plant starts from April and ends in the middle of May.

After bowing the seed we have to keep in mind to water it daily or when we see that its soil is drying. These plants can’t live in a warm area so we have to keep them in a shadow or in the greenhouse effect. The best time for growing is mid-spring to early summer. For better growth of this plant, we also have to use nitrogen fertilizer when its growth is at its peak time. don’t use these fertilizers or water in an excess amount that it harm the plant, try to use quantity of these as it is good for plants health.

The Common  Uses of Rock Cress

 Commonly used for the following purposes:

  •  use to fill the cracks in walls.
  •  used for making walls attractive.
  • commonly grown in hanging baskets and pots for decoration purpose.

Is this plant Hurb or Shrub?

Rock Cress belongs to herbaceous perennial.

in which Family does this plant belong?

It belongs to Brassicaceae or mustard family. 

In How Many Colors Is This Plant Available to Grow?

It’s mostly available in pink, white and purple colors.

Which Weather is Suitable for this plant?

Rock Cress Grown In the summer season.

Is this plant Good For Home Gardening?

Yes, You can grow Rock Cress at home or outside in any garden.


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