How to Care Aloe Arborescens At Home

Aloe arborescens are multi-headed, large, and succulents. Interestingly we called these flowers Aloe arborescent. because they usually grow up to the size of a tree. The estimated length of these flowers is about 6-9.8 feet. Additionally, these flowers contain a beautiful combination of colors which includes green and little blue tints. To clarify this, these torch aloes are in an inflorescence sequence that is known as a raceme. The shape of these flowers is cylindrical. And also attracts people because of its eye-catchy red-orange color.

Common Name of Aloe arborescens:

There are various unique names of these flowers such as Krantz aloe, tree aloe, candelabra, torch aloe, etc.

Scientific Name: Aloe arborescent Mill.

Species: A. arborescens

Family: it is never of the Asphodelaceae family.

Genus: Aloe


It is considered as one of the super-cool 150 species of aloe. These flowers were first time found in South Africa. In addition to this, these flowers are available in various regions of South African. These regions include Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, etc.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

Torch aloe loves to grow in soil that has good drainage and is sandy. These flowers are mostly seen in the ridges, mountainous areas, cliffs, etc. Significantly these flowers can grow in any time of environment which includes coastal Forest, bushes. The soil for the plantation of these flowers should contain a good amount of compost. It loves to grow in light shades and full sunlight. Moreover, these flowers do not need sufficient water in winters.


  • There are various uses of torch aloe such as a barrier plant.
  • Krantz aloe is best as bees and birds nectar.
  • Moreover, individuals can also use these flowers for the decorations of indoor surfaces.

Tips To Grow:

  • There are some beneficial tips for the better growth of torch aloe:
  • These flowers can grow in dry soil.
  • It can’t adopt wet soil.
  • If you plant Krantz aloe in poor drainage, then these flowers can not grow properly.
Frequently Asked Question:

Is candelabra are poisonous for dogs?

Yes, these flowers may be slightly dangerous for dogs.

Is it possible to use these flowers as a food item?

Yes, many Japanese use it as vegetables to cure stomach issues.

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