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Strawberry Candy Lily is one of the most popular plants in the world. This amazing plant produces beautiful flowers that look exactly like strawberries. The beautiful strawberry-like pattern of this plant makes it more attractive and nice. Its flowers have nice dark pinkish petals and a red line with a beautiful yellow Center. This awesome plant is a very attractive treat for all gardens. Those people who are lazy and want to add colour to their garden must opt for this pretty plant. All you need to do is just water it frequently in summers and trim the dead ends that’s all. No pesticides, no extra care or efforts are needed for this easy-going plant. You can enjoy its pretty blooms without investing much time and energy.

Sun Exposure:This plant thrives for full sun but it can also tolerate medium shade.

Watering:This plant requires medium to average water. But on hot summer days, frequent watering is needed to keep the plant fresh and attractive.

Propagation:The most common way to grow beautiful Strawberry Candy Lily is through seeds. However, it will take some time and patience but will give results. Seeds germination will take about three weeks and you have to keep the soil moist. After two months stem will appear and in 4 months a young plant will grow.


This plant has some unique characteristics that make this plant attractive and worthy.

  • It’s a showy plant.
  • This plant has nice flowers.
  • It’s a semi-green plant.
  • This plant is heat resistant and can tolerate the high humidity of summer.
  • It can’t tolerate the frost and low temperatures.

Maintenance:This pretty plant requires minimal maintenance and care.

Suitable environment:Well-drained semi-moist soil is perfect for this plant.

Fertilizer:During the first weeks of the blooming season, there is no need to add chemical fertilizer to this plant. However, a slow-release controlled fertilizer is good for the blooms of this plant.

Family:This pretty plant belongs to the family of Hemerocallis.

Fragrance:It has a very light and mild fragrance.

Disease:This plant is pests free but can have some diseases like root rot, leaf wilt etc.

Root rot:With overwatering the plant fungus will attack the roots as a result plant will suffer from root rot.

Leaf Wilt:When the plant will not get the desired amount of water high heat and hot temperature will cause leaf wilt. This will affect the overall growth of the plant. If you witness these symptoms quickly water your plant frequently to overcome the situation.

Trimming:After the blooming season ends chop the dead buds and wilted flowers of this plant. This will allow the plant to bloom again with more flowers. Besides that it will retain the original shape of the plant will prevent the plant from growing wildly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When will this plant bloom?

This flowering plant starts blooming in early fall.

2. Is this plant available in different colours?

This plant is mostly available in pink colour only.

3. Does it attract insects?

It attracts beautiful butterflies and honey bees.

4.What is the type of this plant?

This is a judicious plant that is semi-evergreen.

5.When will this plant bloom?

This flowering plant starts blooming from early spring to autumn.

6.What is the average size of Strawberry Candy Lily?

This plant grows up to 80cm long.

7.What is the genus of this plant?

Its genus is Hemerocallis.

Conclusion:This is an extremely pretty and nice plant that produces beautiful flowers in the spring season. Most importantly it does not require high maintenance and care. You just have to trim the plant when the blooming season will end and that’s all. This is perfect for all kinds of gardens. Besides that this cute plant can be planted in small containers.


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