How To Care Helichrysum Petiolare | Licorice Plant

Helichrysum Petiolare are the subshrub evergreen plants. Additionally, the flowers colour of this plant is small white whereas its leaves are furry grey_green. One thing that you should care about is that these are toxic plants so you must keep away your pets and kids from them. The interesting fact about this plant is that its foliage is evergreen and available in bronze colour. The leaves of this plant are green in colour which help to enhance the beauty of the garden. In addition to this, the process of growing this plant is simple and easy so you can grow this plant without facing any difficulty.

Common Name:

The common name of this plant are kooigoed kruie, bedding helichrysum, herbal helichrysum and silver bush everlasting.

Scientific Name:This plant is scientifically called the Licorice plant.

Family:This belongs to the family of Asteraceae.

Genus:Its genus is Helichrysum.

Species:H. petiolare.

Origin:This plant was first discovered in South Africa.

Regions where these plants are naturalized:These Helichrysum Petiolare are naturalized in Portugal and the United States.

Soil Needs:These like most that type of soil which is moist but well-drained. These can tolerate rough, hard and drought soil. However, it prefers Akaline, acidic or neutral soil that helps to provide it moisture for its better growth. You should take care that its root does not get too dry for a long time because it may die.

Sunlight Needs:

These are full sun-loving plants or maybe survive in partial shade. But it never tolerates cold temperature or full shade. It is best to seed this plant in the early spring or directly in the soil when you have noticed that all the dangers related to this plant have passed away. And the temperature where these plants can best grow is lies between 63 to 74F.

Watering:As you know that water is the main key in the process of growing certain plants. For this purpose, these plants also required a certain amount of water for a healthy life. Additionally, water this plant in the early summer when it starts to grow in containers. Moreover, small containers and hot temperatures require water more than once daily.

Fertilization:Like many other precautions, fertilization is also one of the main steps to grow some plants. For making plants more healthy give them a suitable fertilizer that helps them to grow quickly and healthy. For this reason, there are two suitable fertilizers are available to apply it. One is 15_0_ 15 and the other is 20_10_20 both are best.

Harvesting:Harvest is also a very necessary method for growing plants. The best method to harvest this plant is to cover the carrier with damp towels for avoiding cutting destruction.

Pruning:To provide a suitable and attractive look pruning is very beneficial. But the awesome thing about this plant is that it requires less pruning or may survive without pruning. As these plants have small flowers so gardeners snip them off to make them neat and tidy. The best time to prune this plant is spring or summer.

Medical Uses:

These Helichrysum Petiolare have some of the most beneficial medical uses and are given below let’s have a look:

  • These are used in herbal medicine for curing respiratory infections.
  • Beneficial to treat a heart problem.
  • Help in reducing muscle pain.
  • Ability to overcome high blood pressure.

Conclusion:These are the evergreen perennial and useful plants. As you can see in the above-mentioned details these require fewer efforts in the growing process. But you have to take care of one thing not keep away your pets and kids as these contain high toxic effects. Significantly, you can grow this plant at your home for making your garden more colourful and attractive.

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