Ghost Fern Care And Growing Tips

Ghost fern is an elegant deciduous fern that is attached with a beautiful rosette of arching. Additionally, the foliage of this plant is available in purple colour. Furthermore, these are very beneficial as they are edible and their fiddleheads can be used to make different foods. Moreover, these are considered non-poisonous plants as you never feel worried about your pets and kids. Instead of that, the process of growing and propagation these plants are simple and easy. This plant needs little concern a d care so you can grow it easily without any difficulty.

Some important factors related to these plants: 

Some of the important factors related to this plant are mentioned below let’s have a look:

Soil Needs: These plants mostly like that type of soil which is potting soil with high organic contents and well-drained soil. Potting soil must contain sphagnum or peat moss for retention of moisturizer. In addition to this, granule rich soil is best for the healthy growth of this plant. The suitable PH level for this plant lies between 5.5 to 6.5.

Sunlight Needs:They can survive both in full sun or shaded areas. As this plant requires little sunlight that is about 4 hours a day. They are shade-tolerant plants so you can also grow these plants in a shaded place.

Watering: These plants need a sufficient amount of water for their proper growth. As they need moist, and moisturizer to grow healthily. Most probably, it requires twice the time water in one week. So, you should care about its watering otherwise dryness may cause its death.

Fertilization: Fertilization is also very important as it makes plants more strong and healthy. As suitable fertilizers are essential for the progress of certain plants. So, for this purpose, we apply suitable fertilizer to ghost fern and suitable fertilizers are 5_10_10 and 10_10_10.

Harvesting: Harvesting plays also a very important role in the growth process of plants like so many other factors. The best way to harvest these plants is to wrap the seed with garden hedges or cotton paper.

Pruning:Pruning is necessary for giving plants a suitable and beautiful shape. The appropriate method to prune this plant is to cut the deadheads and old bushes. Meanwhile, the best time to prune this plant is late spring.

Medical Uses: 

Some of the beneficial medical uses of this plant are given below:

  • Helpful in reducing skin diseases.
  • Useful in making beauty products.
Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What is the common name of this plant? 

The common name of this plant is ghost fern.

2. What is the scientific name of this plant? 

The scientific name of this plant is Anthurium Felix Femina.

3 Which family does it belong to? 

This belongs to the family of Athyriaceae.

4. What is the colour of its leaves? 

The colour of its leaves is apple green with a shade of silver colour.

5. What is the colour of its foliage? 

The colour of its foliage is gray_green.

6. Where does this plant first discovered? 

This plant was first discovered in Japan.

7. Is these are poisonous plants? 

No, these are non-poisonous plants and secure for your family and pets.

Final Verdict:

 Now it’s time to conclude our final thoughts about these plants. As you can see earlier these are the most valuable and outstanding plants. These provide so many benefits like these are edible and can help cure certain types of health issues. Besides that, you do have not to worry about your pets as they have no toxic effects. Also, the propagation and growth process of these plants is so simple and easy. They require less care and less amount of pruning. So, if you want to grow ghost fern at your home then it is quite easy for you.

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