Growing Tips Pittosporum Tobira | Japanese Pittosporum

Pittosporum tobira is a fast-growing and perennial shrub. This flowering plant remains green forever. It is also considered a dense, widely spreading and compact plant. Significantly, it is a strong plant and even tolerates harsh pruning, heat, dry conditions and salt sprays. The blooms of this plant are showy as well as has amazing fragrance just like fresh oranges. It grows at the end of the summer in between April and May. Hence it is an extraordinary specimen plant. Moreover, it is the best plant to grow in containers or use in a mass planting. If your garden is well organized this plant can also act as an ideal houseplant. It is widely growing in Florida and can tolerate zone between 8-10 for coastal and Sandy areas due to its tolerance ability. The fruits on this tree grow in the fall time. But unfortunately, its fruit is not edible.

Scientific Name:

This plant is scientifically known as Pittosporum tobira.

Other Names: There are various other interesting names for this plant such as Japanese cheesewood, Australian Lauren, Mock orange and Japanese pittosporum.

Family: pittosporum is the related family of this plant.

Hardiness zone: It grows perfectly in hardiness zones 8-10.

Growth rate: The growing rate of this plant is quite fast.

Origin:This plant is first time introduced in China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. In addition to this, afterwards, it is also found in other landscapes of the world and is famous as an ornamental plant.

Flowers:The flowers of mock orange have varieties of colours such as brown, white, cream, yellow and red based on the variety of the plant. These flowers have a beautiful fragrance and make you feel happy and fresh.

Planting Pittosporum:In case you have selected heavy soil for the plantation of this tree then you need to dig a huge hole approximately 1 meter in every direction. If you are planting it in a pot then you need to choose the best potting mix for pollination for normal varieties of this ant. And you need to leave around about 2 m space.In the next step, it is very important to take the plant out carefully without spoiling its sensitive roots. And Remove some amount of the soil from the football and put it deeply in the soil. Moreover, water is also very essential for its healthy growth.

Growing Pittosporum:

Japanese cheesewood is very some to grow. It is one of the rapidly growing plants and makes your place beautiful and elegant. It is best to plant these flowers in the patio garden or on a balcony.

Position:The best place to grow this flowering ant is outdoor areas but you can also grow these flowers inside areas. But it very essential to provide this plant partial sunlight even in indoor areas. You need to plant these flowers in outdoor areas that have proper shelter. So it should not be exposed to wind or cold weather.

Watering:It is very important to keep the soil of this plant a little moist. You need to provide it good amount of water in the spring and summer but you have to wait till the upside of the soil gets dry. And in the winters you need to give less amount of water to mix orange and keep it in your mind that these flowers can tolerate dry conditions but not over-irrigation.

Soil:The best soil for the healthy development of this plant is loamy and well-drained soil. It will be more good if the soil is neutral to acidic.

Fertilizer:These flowers need normal fertilization. So for that purpose slow-release fertilizer is suggested.

Mulching:Spring is the best time for mulching these flowering.

Pruning:Japanese cheesewood needs continuous pruning and trimming to maintain its size, appearance and structure.

Pests and Diseases:

There are no major diseases and pests that can damage this plant. But still, you need to take care of it for its safety and healthy survival.

Conclusion:In a nutshell, pittosporum tobira is a widely grown flowering plant in the world. It is easy to care and there is no need to fertilize it regularly. It is vastly grown in Florida, Japan Taiwan etc. Moreover, it is an outdoor as well as an indoor plant. We have tried our best to make these guidelines beneficial for you. So read this article get benefits from it.


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