Bachelor Button Care And Growing Tips

Bachelor Button attractive flower is also known as Bachelor Button. Interestingly it is also edible. Such as its leaves are used in salads etc. It belongs to the Amaranthaceae family. These flowers grow in round shapes. Attractively Bachelor Button is beautiful inflorescences that don’t need any extra care and maintenance. Like the other plants they grow every year, these flowers also don’t need a lot of effort to grow. It grows with rapid speed.

Scientific Name:

The scientific name of this plant is Gomphrena globosa.

Common Name: It is also known as  Bachelor Button and Bachelor’s Button.

Soil pH: It can tolerate 6 to 6.5.

Soil nature: The soil for this plant can be neutral to slightly acidic.

Sun Exposure: These flowers need full sunlight for healthy growth.

Wildlife value: Bachelor Button are attractive for various pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds.

Light:For the healthy growth and development of these flowers, proper sunlight is very important. If this flowering plant is placed in such a location that receives too many shades, unfortunately, these flowers will not bloom properly. So it is very important to place it in sunny locations.

Soil: Bachelor’s button needs well-drained soil that is neutral to slightly acidic. In addition to this, these flowers also bloom in heavy clay but in such soil, the height of this plant may be affected. One thing that you should keep in mind is that this plant doesn’t survive in alkaline soils.


It is very crucial to water these flowers on daily basis. Even though it can grow in dry conditions. But it will grow flawlessly if it receives a good amount of water and remains moist. So it will s recommended to give it around about 1-inch water every week.

Temperature and Humidity:Interestingly, globose flowers can grow well in any type of weather but never plant the seed of these flowers outdoor unless the climate becomes warm.

Fertilizer: These flowers don’t need so much care and fertilization so if you just mulch these flowers there is no need for any fertilizer.

Landscape Uses: There are a lot of uses of this beautiful flower such as it is best for large containers and landscapes. It is also ideal for large gardens along with various other flowers it will enhance your garden’s beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Gomphrena globosa is herb or shrub?

Significantly, this plant is considered a herbaceous plant.

2. Is it an annual or perennial flower?

This flower grows every year.

3. What is the growing season of Bachelor Button?

The ideal season to grow globe flowers in June to frost.

4. How many colours are available in Bachelor Button?

Bachelor Button is available in yellow, bright magenta, pink and white.

5. What is the average size of this flowering plant?

The mature size of the globe plant range from 12-24 inches tall and spread 6-12 inches.

6. What is the origin of Bachelor Button?

You will find these flowers widely in the regions of Central America.

7. Does these flowers are poisonous?

No these flowers are not poisonous at all. These flowers are edible are widely used to eat.

8. Is there any medical benefits of these flowers?

Yes, these flowers are used in the treatment of various issues and act as an antioxidant and had purifying properties.

9. Are the leaves of the Bachelor’s button edible?

Yes, the leaves of these flowers are delicious and healthy.

10. Which pollinators are attracted towards Bachelor Button?

Bachelor Button is attractive for various pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds.


So in a nutshell, we want to say that, these flowers are not only beautiful and elegant but also safe and healthy. There are various medical as well as landscapes uses of globose flowers so it is highly recommended to grow these flowers at your place.

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