Jelly Palm | Butia Capitata

jelly palm

Jelly Palm is the pretty and most popular in the world. Besides that, it grows about 8m to 10m tall. In addition to this, each leaf of this flower has 25_60 pairs of slender leaflets.  Moreover, if you want to grow it by yourself then it is very easy to propagate it without facing trouble. … Read more

Caring Tips For Canary Palm Tree

Canary Palm

This canary palm is a unique and attractive plant in the Canary Islands. Individuals can grow the plant in outdoor areas in the United States.  Because its length is longer than other trees. In addition to this, this tree contains feathery, shiny, branches. Ornamentals fruits also grow on this tree. Its hardiness zone is approximately … Read more

Growing Information Magnolia Liliflora

Magnolia Liliflora

Magnolia Liliflora flowers are available in pink and purple colors. The blooming time of these flowers is early spring. Additionally, its attractive look constrained you to use it as a houseplant. Suitable place for Magnolia Liliflora: Significantly, to grow these flowers healthily it is important to choose slightly acidic soil, well-drained soil along with the … Read more