Caring Tips For Canary Palm Tree

This canary palm is a unique and attractive plant in the Canary Islands. Individuals can grow the plant in outdoor areas in the United States.  Because its length is longer than other trees. In addition to this, this tree contains feathery, shiny, branches. Ornamentals fruits also grow on this tree. Its hardiness zone is approximately 9-11.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

It is crucial to plant this tree in such a place that can receive full sunlight. Well-drained soil, a good supply of water is essential for the healthy growth of this plant.

Scientific Name: Its scientific name is also very unique (Phoenix canariensis).

Common Name: Canary Island date palm is its ordinary name.

Origin: This pineapple palm or date palm tree is a member of flowering plant species. And it is the first time originated in Canary island.

Species:  P. canariensis

Genus: Phoenix

Family: Arecaceae is its belonging family.

Height: The estimated height of this plant is 65 feet.

Life span: The date palm tree of 65 feet length lasts for more than 60 years.

Tips To Grow Canary Palm:
  • If the individual wants to take extra care of this island date palm then water it on weekly basis.
  • Watering helps the tree to makes its roots deep and strong.
  • When the plant is too young proper irrigation is also essential.
  • Another important tip to grows this plant well is to fertilize it in the spring.
Frequently Asked Question:

 How can you save the Canary palm tree from dying?

If your canary palm tree is dying you can follow some tips to save it:

  • Give it proper water
  • Use best quality fertilizer.
  • It should receive full sunlight.

Are canary palm trees poisonous?

No the leaves of these pineapple palm trees are not toxic to living organisms mainly dogs, cats, etc.

What are the uses of canary palm trees?

These palm trees are advantages. Significantly the leaves of this tree contain woody stems that are used in building materials and fuel.


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