How To Grow and Care False Cypress

False cypress

False cypress trees are pyramidal and have an attractive look. In addition to this, leaves are arranged horizontally. Besides that, a single tree possesses both male and female reproductive structures, male is usually large red or yellow while the female is inconspicuous and small. Furthermore, it is a graceful strength and greenish-colored plant. Moreover, it … Read more

How to Care Seneca Mandraliscae At Home

Seneca mandraliscae

Seneca mandraliscae is a small tree that looks like to hug on the ground. Along with this, these flowers grows up to 12-18 inch tall. Moreover, its leaves are just like fingers in bluish-green color. These flowers are small in size and white in color. The blooming season of these flowers is Summer. Flawlessly these … Read more

Century Plant


This is an ornamental plant. Most people grow century plant into their gardens to give a desert theme to their garden. This plant has no fragrance and it grows well in a hot climate. SUITABLE ENVIRONMENT: This is a desert plant. As we all know that in the desert the temperature is extremely hot and … Read more