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This is one of the large flowering plant. It has long leaves. The ideal places to grow yucca aloifolia are sand dunes.  Morever, the flowers of this plant is evergreen, showy and white in colour.


It is native to some countries mentioned below:

  • Mexico.
  • Open coastal forests.
  • Southern United States.

Genus: Its genus is Yucca.
Family: The family of this flower is Asparagaceae.

Subfamily: Subfamily of this flower is Agaviodeae.

Species: The species of this Y. Aliofolia.

Propagation Steps:

Some of propagation steps are as follow:
 Root cutting
It is valuable for several aspects:
Attracted to fruit, wildlife and flowers.
Decorating garden.
Pollinator for hummingbirds and butterflies.

Height: Its height is about 10ft_ 15ft.
Width: Its width is about 3ft_ 5ft.

Plant Type:

The plant type of this flower includes.        

Native plant

Growth rate: It’s growth rate is faster.

Exposure: Partial shade or full sun is best.
Fruit Colour:
These are available in four different colours.

Fruit length: Its fruit length is about 1_3inches.
Flower value: These provide fragrance.
Leaf colour: The colour of leaf is green.
Hairs: No hairs are present in it.
Stem colour: The colour of stem is green.

Yucca is tree:  Yes it is evergreen tree that can grow fastly at 7.5cm.
Yucca symbolizes:  The plant symbolizes purity, protection, loyalty and new opportunities.

Most Frequent Asked Questions:
1. What is the scientific name of this plant?
The scientific name of this plant is Yucca Aliofolia.

2. Why it is called Yucca?
This is known as yucca because it comes from the taino Caribbean.

3. Is these are Poisonous plant?
Yes, these are Poisonous plant as it can tend to pass through body and make infections.
4. What is the life span of Yucca Aliofolia?
These are long lasting plant as these can live for 20 years.

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