Japanese Privet | Chinese privet | Common privet | Wax leaf

Japanese Privet is a fast-growing plant that remains evergreen. It is generally a small tree that belongs to the family Oleaceae. This flowering plant grows up to 3 feet’s when it is placed in partial shades.

Origin: Curly leaf ligustrum is originated in Korea and Japan.

Also grown In: These flowers are widely grown in various other regions such as California, the US, Virginia and Texas.

Common Names: There are various common names for Japanese Privet which includes

  • Curly leaf Ligustrum
  • Chinese privet
  • Amur
  • Privet
  • Wax leaf
  • Common privet

Scientific name: It’s scientific name is Ligustrum japonicum

Family: The family of Japanese Privet is Oleaceae

Genus: Ligustrum L.

Flowers colour: These flowers are available in white-creamy colours. And grows in late spring and the beginning of the summer.

Uses Of Japanese Privet:

  • These flowers are used in the manufacturing of various herbal medicine.
  • The decoction of bark and leaves of private Japanese are used to cure stomach ulcers, chapped lips.
  • These plant leaves and barks are also best to treat skin problems, sore mouth etc.

Tips To Grow: These flowers thrive to grow in average or full sunlight.

  • Good drainage soil is also needed.
  • The soil should be normal, not wet not dry.
  • This flowering plant can tolerate drought.
Frequently Asked Question:

Are Wax leaves poisonous for living things?

Yes, the berries of wax leaves contain toxic elements. Due to which it is dangerous for all living organisms. It is often grown in the gardens and can damage the health of dogs especially.

What is the average life span of a private tree?

If this plant is developed along with proper care then it can live up to 30 years.

What is the common threat for Japanese Privet?

Fungus is a serious threat to the proper growth of Japanese Privet. This fungus can cause leaf fall. So it is crucial to take proper care when it is in its growing process. 

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