Japanese Spindle Tree Care And Growing Tips

Japanese Spindle Tree is a small tree-like plant with having an oval shape. Its mostly used as a landscape plant. It is a little bit difficult to plant and grow. It’s not an appropriate option for gardens. However, you can grow it if you like it. Its wind and salt-tolerant plant.

Suitable environment :This is an easy-going plant. It can grow in extreme clay and loamy soil. You can easily grow any type of soil. This tree appreciates partial shade and an average drizzle of water.

Blooming season :Late spring and early summer is the blooming time of this pretty mini tree.

Size:Its average size is up to 26ft tall.

Origin: This plant has its origin in

  • Korea
  • Japan
  • China

Specie :Its species is  E. japonicus.

Family: Celastraceae is the family of this plant.

Order: Its order is Celastrales.

Plant Type:It’s a small tree which also produces flowers.

Sun exposure :This mini tree thrives for partial shade.

Watering needs : This mini tree requires average water.

Fragrance :This plant has a sour vinegar-like smell.

Another name:This tree is also known as Japanese Euonymus.

Maintenance :This tree needs minimal maintenance.

Growth tips:

  • Follow these tips and improve the growth of your mini tree.
  • Water it frequently until this becomes a mature tree.
  • Keep the soil well-drained to prevent root rot.
  • Fertiliser is not necessary for this plant.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I grow it in pots?

As Japanese Spindle Tree this is a mini tree.  So it’s not recommended to grow it in small pots. It’s much better to place it in the soil directly rather than in pots.

Is it edible?

Its old dried leaves are used as a food colour. But there is no proper evidence that proves it is edible it can harm the human stomach. So it’s recommended not to ingest it.

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