Best Growing Tips Yellow loosestrife

Yellow loosestrife has small yellow flowers and large leaves that grow together from the stalk. It’s suitable to grow this plant near ponds and lakes. But mostly it’s not recommended for ordinary home gardens. Besides that, this plant spread quickly and it’s very attractive and calming for vision.

Suitable Environment :

This plant needs semi-drained and full moist soil. It blooms in spring and thrives for full sunlight.


Yellow loosestrife loves the spring and summer season. Its flowers bloom from the end of the spring season to the summer season.


This beautiful yellow flowers plant is native to South Eastern areas.

Family :

This flowering plant belongs to the Primulaceae family


Its order is Ericales.

Specie :

Its specie is L.Vulgaris.


Its genus is Lysimachia.

Exposure of Sun:

Significantly this plant loves full sun. But on hot summer days, it is recommended to provide full or partial shade to this plant.

Fragrance :

It has an unpleasant smell.

Plant type:

Yellow loosestrife is a flowering plant.

Watering needs:

In extremely hot weather it’s best to water it daily. While in winters this plant will need occasional water.

Food Plant:

Surprisingly this plant provides food to the larva of different insects including butterflies, grey pug, doth moth, etc.

Maintenance :

This plant needs low maintenance.

Growth Tips:

  • Water your plant daily in the summers.
  • Keep the soil partially drained and moist.
  • There is no need of trimming and cutting the stems for growth.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is Loosestrife is poisonous?

No such cases of toxicity are reported yet. Some gardeners think this is a toxic plant that can irritate the skin. But no researcher has been claimed that this plant is toxic. So it’s safe to grow this plant.

Is it an evergreen plant?

No, this plant is not an evergreen its flowers will bloom only at the end of spring to summer.


Waterer Laburnum.

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