Snow on the mountain

A very nice and evergreen plant, snow on the mountain is everyone’s favourite. Its maintenance is super easy and it grows and expands so quickly.  With small green leaves, it has little white flowers with very little or no fragrance.

Suitable Environment :

This plant can survive on hot summer days without water for about 6 – 7 days. Besides that, it also loves rocky and sandy soil.


This plant thrives for warm weather so it’s the favourite season in hot summer.


Its species is E. Marginata.


It’s native to North America.


Its genus is Euphorbia.


Its order is malpighiales.


This plant belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family

Sun Exposure:

This little attractive plant loves the hot sun.

Water needs:

This plant doesn’t need much water.  So it’s recommended to water your plant once a week.

Fragrance :

It doesn’t have any fragrances.

Disease Risk:

This sturdy plant has very little risk of getting plant diseases.

Plant Type:

It’s a flowering plant.


This plant didn’t have so many tantrums. You can keep this plant with low maintenance.

Growth Tips:

If you have snow on the mountain and want to expand its growth then must follow these tips.

  • Don’t water this plant frequently.
  • Make sure the soil is well-drained and less moist.
  • Besides that, it’s important to provide full sun.
  • Safety :
  • Make sure not to touch or eat this plant. As it contains some elements that can irritate your eyes and skin.


For the growth of your plant make sure not to put your plant in full shade   This will damage your plant and its leaves will shed gradually and your plant will die

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it toxic?

It is said that snow on mountain plants releases sulphur in great amounts. So because of this property, it can harm humans and animals.

Does it cause irritation?

Yes, it does. This plant may cause mild skin and eye irritation.

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