Hibiscus Moscheutos

A pleasant-looking plant with light pink flowers, Hibiscus moscheutos grows up to 5 to 6 ft tall. This flowering plant can be propagated through seeds that thrive for full sunlight and moist soil.

Suitable Environment :

The perfect environment for this flowering plant is the maximum amount of sunlight with complete wet and well moist soil. This plant can survive in partial shade but its flower and growth will suffer.

Season :

The blooming season of Hibiscus is from late summer to the beginning of the winter season. The flowers bloom and last for two days. Each plant produces approximately 20 blossoms daily.

Specie :

Its specie is H. Moscheutos.


It belongs to the Malvaceae family.


Hibiscus is the genus of this plant.


Its order is Malvales.


This plant is native to Florida, Alabama, and Indiana.


Hibiscus moscheutos don’t have any particular fragrance.


This pinkish flower plant can be propagated easily through its seeds.

Plant Type:

This is a nice, attractive plant with beautiful pink flowers.


This plant has green leaves and beautiful flowers with a blend of attractive light pinkish and yellow colors.

Watering Needs:

During the summer season, Hibiscus moscheutos need frequent watering.  It is recommended to water your plant on alternative days.

Maintenance :

Hibiscus moscheutos is a moody plant. You have to take care of its needs and maintenance for proper growth.

Common Names:

This flowering plant has several common names including:

  • Rose-mallow
  • Eastern rose-mallow
  • Swamp rose-mallow
  • Hibiscus Moscheutos
  • Crimsoneyed rosemallow

Sun Exposure :

This plant thrives for full sun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
  1. Why my Hibiscus Moscheutos wilted?

These plants are prone to several diseases and plant wilt is one of them. Actually, fungi produced in the soil enter the plant through its roots. This disturbs the nutrients absorption and water supply in the plant that results in the plant wilt.

  • How to propagate Hibiscus Moscheutos?

This flowering plant can be propagated through its seeds. Propagation takes time so you have to be patient.

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