How to Care Seneca Mandraliscae At Home

Seneca mandraliscae is a small tree that looks like to hug on the ground. Along with this, these flowers grows up to 12-18 inch tall. Moreover, its leaves are just like fingers in bluish-green color. These flowers are small in size and white in color. The blooming season of these flowers is Summer. Flawlessly these blue chalk sticks root with their stem. The soil for these flowers must have good drainage and receives full sunlight. If the gardener wants to cover the little ground surface then these flowers are ideal for this purpose.


These flowers are Interestingly first time introduced in the region of South Africa that is Cape of Good Hope and came into cultivation in the year 1170.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

These flowers can grow best in their comfortable surface area. Its requirements include Sandy soil that must have perfect drainage. The moisture should be medium. It can cooperate with light shades or full sunlight. These flowers can survive for a long period. Unbelievably these flowers are one of the fast-growing flowers species i.e C.repens. If the gardener wants to avoid rots then it is crucial that do not grow these flowers in moist soil in winter.

Scientific Name:

 The scientific name for this flower is Seneca mandraliscae.

Common Names:

These flowers are also known as Blue finger, blue stick succulent, and Blue Chalk Sticks.

Species: C.Repens.



Genus: Curio 

Tips To Grow:

  • It is good to grow these flowers in spring.
  • The soil must contain good, balanced fertilizer that is also water-soluble.
  • The ideal fertilizer for these flowers contains potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • In the early spring, it is the best time to prune these flowers.
Frequently Asked Question:

What is the height of Senecio flowers?

These flowers approximately grow up to 18-24in width. In addition to this, it is very easy to grow these flowers in well-drained, and light or full sunlight.

Are these Blue fingers poisonous to flowers?

These flowers are one of the most elegant flowers among all the blue flowers. Unfortunately, these flowers contain few toxic elements due to which are dangerous for all living things.


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