Century Plant Growing and Caring Tips

This is an ornamental plant. Most people grow century plant into their gardens to give a desert theme to their garden. This plant has no fragrance and it grows well in a hot climate.


This is a desert plant. As we all know that in the desert the temperature is extremely hot and there is almost no moisture and water. The century plant grows in extremely hot weather and there is no need to water this daily.


The origin for this plant is basically from the southern USA and  Mexico.


Its genius is Agave.


It belongs to the asparagus family.


The subcategory of century plant includes American, whale’s tongue, octopus, etc.


If you want to grow this plant in your garden then you must have to follow all the tips mentioned below.

  • Century plant grows in warm areas espacially in desert areas because this is a desert plant.
  • This plant is super easy to take care of, you can water it twice a week because no moisture is required for the growth and maintenance of the century plant.
  • You have to provide approximately six hours of sunlight to this plant.
  • Besides that, it is important to prevent century plants from excessive moisture because this will damage their roots.

1. What is the scientific name of this plant?

The scientific name is Agave Americana

2. What is the normal size?

The normal size of this plant is almost 10 inches wide and 6 feet long.

3. Is this plant is an indoor plant?

This plant grows well in extremely hot temperatures, it is important to provide maximum sunlight to this plant. If one can manage to provide sunlight and hot temperature inside the house then this can be grown indoors.

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