Clematis Viticella

Clematis Viticella us super famous and well-known flowering plant This is a very nice and attractive flower plant. It has dark purple color with a cute light yellow stem. This flower is grown for ornamental purposes these flowers have a long bloom season, from summer to autumn. To clarify, this flowering plant can be used as a wall decoration of the garden because it climbs well.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

Significantly,  these flowers love moist sand that should be fully drained. Besides that, it needs full sun and regular maintenance for nice growth.

Origin Of Clematis Viticella

The origin is basically from Europe.

Genius Of Alocasia Odora:

Its genius is clematis .


It belongs to the Ranunculaceae family.

Growth Season:

This plant grows well from the summer to the fall season.


The colour of Clematis viticella is purple.


The standard size of these flowers varies from 2 – 6 inches.


The subcategories of this flower include abundance, Aotearoa, blue angel etc.

Tips To Grow Clematis Viticella :
  • The availability of full sun is essential for these flowers.
  • Along with this it is good to plant this flower in spring and fall season. 
  • Besides that, it is recommended to plant these flowers in the spring season or fall season.
  • For best growth make sure to water your baby plant daily.
Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Is Clematis Viticella evergreen?

 Yes, this beautiful flowering plant looks fresh and green in all seasons. And its flowering season is from the end of the summer to autumn.

2.Does Clematis bloom more than once?

There are several different species of Clematis and all of them vary in blooming. Some Clematis species blooms in summer, while some bloom in fall.

3.How often I should water Clematis?

If your plant is a baby plant then you have to water it regularly.  But a full-grown plant needs water thrice a week. And in the summer season and hot weather, to water your Clematis viticella 


Japanese Wisteria.

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