Geranium Sanguineum Growing and Caring Tips

The scientific name of this flower is Geranium sanguineum. These flowers are considered hard flowers just like old boots. In addition to this, these eye-catchy flowers are in beautiful rosy pink and purple colours. Flawlessly, these flowers are enough to smother the greenery for the summer. Moreover, you can cover your ground with these flowers perfectly. These flowers are approximately 25cm tall. Its perfect time to grow is from the start of June and till the end of August.

Suitable place for Geranium sanguineum

To grow this flower you need to choose such kind of soil that is fully drained and fertile. Significantly, it is very crucial to moisture the soil throughout the growth period of Geranium sanguineum and till bloom season.

Origin of Flower:

 It is considered the native flower of Europe and is also found in temperate Asia.

Family of Geranium sanguineum

It is connected to the Geraniaceae family.

Subcategory :

The subcategory of Geranium sanguineum is Cranesbills


A genus of Geranium sanguineum is Geranium.

Tips to grow  :

To grow perfect this plant there are some beneficial tips that you must have to follow ;

  • First of all, it is very important to choose well-fertilized soil.
  • There should be good sunlight
  • And fresh air is also very fundamental for the proper growth of these stunning flowers.
Most Frequent Asked questions:
  1. What is the importance of sunlight to this plant?

We can say that this plant is a great lover of sunlight and loves to grow along with direct sunlight. It can also grow in less sunlight but not as it amazingly grows in full sunlight.

2. Is it important to give a lot of water for the growth of this plant?

For the growth of this plant, The soil must be moist but it is also crucial that the soil must be well-drained.


Meadow Rue.

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