How To Grow Pink Perfection Camellia At Home

Pink perfection Camellia is the most famous camellia, which belongs to the ‘Theaceae’ family.  

How can we grow this plant

Well-drained moist and acidic type of sand or clay is required for the production of pink perfection though avoid wet soil for growing this plant. Mostly the flowers grow in the spring season but on the northern sides, flowers grow during the month of January to May and on the southern sides from June to October.     


Growth rate:   

The growth rate of pink perfection camellia is 1-2 feet per year.

Harmful factors for this plant:       

Many factors can damage flowers like cold wind and afternoon bright sun. That type of camellia needs protection from the afternoon sun and cold wind and from some other factors that are not good for this. Irregular watering and changes in temperature are harmful to this plant also plants drop their buds due to changes in humidity.                                   

Some measures that should use to protect flower:                

Protect flowers from the afternoon sun and cold wind. If we want to increase the size of the flower then we must remove one bud from each cluster. We must have to fertilize the plant monthly in spring and summer. Instantly prune the plant after flowering. The main cause of pruning the camellias is to refine the health of the plant.

Common Uses of this Plant
  • Commonly used for decorating purposes.
  • Used for making products of cosmetics

Are these plant herbs or shrubs?

Pink perfection camellia is a shrubs plant.

In which Family Pink perfection camellia Belong?

Pink perfection camellia belongs to Theaceae.

Is this plant Available in Different Colours?

It’s only available in pink.

Which Weather is Suitable for these plants?

The Winter season is suitable for this plant.

Is this good For Home Gardening?

Yes, you can easily grow it at home.

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