Mojito Plant Care And Growing Guide

Mojito plant | Colocasia Esculenta

Mojito plant is a perennial plant with extremely attractive foliage. It is famous for its magnificent foliage and heart-shaped broad leaves. Its leaves are droopy and are pointed towards the ground that making it look more attractive and classic. These Mojito plants are best to add an extremely pretty and sophisticated look to your gardens. … Read more

San Pedro Care And Growing Guide

Tichocereus Pachanio | San Pedro

San Pedro is a multi-stemmed, large columnar cactus that forms small trees that have several branches. In the time of summer large, trumpet_shaped fragrant flowers open up and bloom for the night and stay for the following days. Besides that, these plants produce from the spine cluster along with margins near the peak of the … Read more

Dietes Grandiflora Care And Growing Guide

Dietes Grandiflora

Dietes Grandiflora a perennial plant that has sword-like leaves and beautiful flowers.  Its flowers are not fragrant and its maintenance and care are super easy.  This plant can be used as an ornamental flowering plant. Suitable environment:The best environment for this plant is the partial shady place and moist soil. The drainage system should be … Read more