Caring Tips For Alocasia Macrorrhoza

Alocasia Macrorrhoza is species of flowering plant that is commonly called pia or giant taro.its in green color and has been cultivated for a longer time in the Philippines.

Furthermore, these are very fast plants as they can grow about 5 m in height. Besides that, it can reproduce with the help of seeds, tubers, root suckers, and corms.

Suitable place for Alocasia Macrorrhoza:

For the better growth of alocasia, it is important to place it near bright but indirect light. This is because the direct sun ray destroy lower by burning its leaves. As for its protection, you should put it in the container for tolerating direct sun.

Origin of Flower:

It is native to the rainforest of Queensland, New Guinea, and Southeast Asia.


Its genus is Alocasia.


The family of this flower is Araceae.

Scientific Name:

The scientific name of this plant is AlocasiaMacrorrhiza.

Tips to better grow this plant:

  • Provide moisture to wet the soil.
  • Give sheltered place to protect these from direct sun.
  • Cutting dead leaves is essential.
  • Fertilization and watering are needed regularly.
  • Put it in the container to protect its leaves from burning.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. Is Alocasia is good for the indoor plant?

Yes, Alocasia is one of the best choice houseplant worlds because of its sculptural appeal and unmatched visuals.

2. How fast can Alocasia grow?

These are very fast-growing flowers if you provide it essential protection then it can grow quickly about 5 m tall.

3. What are the uses of Alocasia?

Alocasia can be used for animal feed.

These can be used to eliminate oxalate crystals.

Human beings can use this flower as their food.

4. Which place is better to grow Alocasia Macrorrhoza?

Alocasia can better grow in a bright but lightly shaded place. In addition to this, the direct sun should be avoided as these may destroy the leaves of this flower.

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