Best Growing Tips Leonotis leonurus | Lion Ear

Leonotis leonurus is a popular flower that is also knowns as a lions’ tail. Additionally, the flowers of these plants have orange colour flowers that have tabular shapes. They can rise in the summer near the above foliage mass.

Suitable place for Leonotis leonurus:

This plant needs full sun, well-composted or loamy soil.

Origin of Flower: It is native to Southern Africa and South Africa.

Genus: Genus is Leonotis.

Family: The family of this plant is Lamiaceae.

Species: Species of this flower  is known as L. Leonurus.

Plant type: The plant type of this plant is shrub and perennial.

Height: Its height is about 4ft_ 8ft.

Growth rate: The growth of flowers is fast.

Width: Its width is approximate 6ft.

Characteristics: These are evergreen plants.

Water required: Average watering is suitable.

Exposure: Full sun or partial shade is best for its growth.

Maintenance: Low maintenance is enough.

Value of flower: It attracts bees, hummingbirds and butterflies.

Some important tips related to its growth:

Following are some essential tips that you must follow and these are given below:

  • They can well grow near the full sun or well_drianed soils.
  • Fertilization along with proper watering is necessary.
  • Pruning in the initial period of its growth is important.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. How you can propagate this flower?

It is easy to propagate this plant by some simple steps like cutting in springs and with the help of seeds.

2. What is the common name of this plant?

The common name of this plant is the lion ear.

3. Is Leonotis leonurus is useful?

Yes, these are useful plants as they can attract butterflies, bees and also they can use in making certain medicines.

4. Is these flowers are toxic?

Yes, these are toxic plants and it was found that they can damage white blood cells and red blood cells.

Alternative PLant:

Lilies Flower

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