Mojito Plant Care And Growing Guide

Mojito plant is a perennial plant with extremely attractive foliage. It is famous for its magnificent foliage and heart-shaped broad leaves. Its leaves are droopy and are pointed towards the ground that making it look more attractive and classic. These Mojito plants are best to add an extremely pretty and sophisticated look to your gardens. These Mojito plant can be easily grown in containers and directly in the soil.

Common name:This plant is known by its name Colocasia esculenta.

Origin:This plant is found in Eastern Asia.

Suitable environment:This plant performs best in extremely moist soil with high nutrients.

Watering:This plant enjoys lots and lots of water intake so it’s recommended to water this attractive plant frequently.

Colour:This plant has green leaves and purplish lines or spots on it.

Shape:This pretty plant has a very beautiful board, elephant ear-shaped leaves.

Size:This plant can grow up to 5ft tall.

Disease:This plant is not prone to deadly diseases but some insects like spider mite, glasshouse whitefly etc can damage this plant.

Toxicity:These plants are not deadly but chewing the leaves can cause mouth irritation and stomach discomfort.

Maintenance:This plant needs low maintenance.

Sun exposure:This plant with beautiful broad leaves enjoys full sun and also tolerate partial shade to some extent.

  • This plant has beautiful big leaves.
  • It is a nice showy plant.
  • This plant is used for ornamental purposes.
  • This plant is easy to grow.
  • It’s a nice aquatic a d perennial plant.
Growth tips:
  • Provide extremely moist to wet soil to this plant.
  • Make sure the soil is fertile enough so that it can fulfil the requirements of the plant.
  • Place the plant where it can enjoy at least 5 hours of direct sun.
  • Cut off the dead stems of the plant.
  • If you want to grow this plant inside the room then make sure you are providing high humidity and moisture to the plant, otherwise, the plant will not survive.

Fragrance:This plant does not have any strong fragrance but its smell resembles that of crushed grass.

Propagation:This plant can be propagated through seeds and cuttings.

  1. Propagation through seeds.

Place the seeds into the soil. Keep the soil well moist and provide enough sunlight. The seeds will start germination within 2 months. Then you can place the germinated seeds into the container or anywhere you want.

  • Propagation through cuttings.

Take the 4 inch cutting of the stem. Put it into the glass of water. After one week the stem will make its roots. Then you can put the stems directly into the soil and your plant will start producing leaves within two months.


It is recommended to fertilise the plant occasionally. The best form of fertiliser for this plant is liquid fertiliser. But it is important to make sure not to fertilise the plant excessively because it will burn the roots and leaves of the plant and the plant will eventually die.

Trimming:It is recommended trimming the dead stems and wilted leaves of the plant as it will help the plant to grow in a nice compact form.

Conclusion:You can easily take care of your Mojito plant by providing an extremely high quantity of water in rough and dry weather. This beautiful plant can be grown indoors with a high concentration of humidity and moisture. These are the best ornamental plants that will change the whole look of your garden with its extremely attractive foliage. Its dark purple and black marks on the leaves makes this plant unique and attractive. Its season of interest starts in late spring and ends in early fall.

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