White Dwarf Iris Growing Information

Dwarf iris is one of the 150 species of iris flowers. Beautifully these flowers grow in the early spring and attractive butterflies towards it. There are different colors that you can see in this flower species. The form of these flowers is elegant. Interestingly these flowers are considered as the sign that sling is coming.



These flowers live to grow in full sunlight and also tolerates normal shades.

Ideal Soil For Dwarf Iris:

The best soil for the healthy growth of this flower is one that has a good drainage system.


It is crucial to fertilize the soil immediately after planting of iris dwarf. To promote rooting it is best to put fertilizer under the bulb.

Best Time To Grow These Flowers:

The ideal time for the blooming of these flowers is late winter and spring. In addition to this, it can give you an indication that it is the time of spring.

Planting Length:

These flowers grow approximately 2-3 inches inside the soil and their flowers are above the soil.

Plant Occupation:

These flowers do not cover a large surface area. 4-5inches’ surface area is enough for the blooming of dwarf iris.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

For the healthy growth of these flowers is it very important to place them in direct sunlight. The soil must have organic nutrients. Such as manure, compost, and peat moss also.

It is crucial to give a sufficient amount of water to this flower immediately after the plantation is done. Afterward, it is not necessary to give it water in winters or spring.


These flowers are first time introduced in the Eastern areas of the United States.

Best Season To Grow:

The ideal season for the plantation of these flowers is Early spring and winter.

Scientific Name: Iris lacustris is its scientific name.

Family: Iridaceae

Genus: Iris

Subgenus: Iris subg. Limniris

Species: I. cristata

Tips To Grow:
  • Significantly, it is important to provide these flowers with full sunlight.
  • Partial shade is also beneficial for it.
  • It loves and enjoys the well-drained soil.
  • Pruning these flowers is also very essential.

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