Caring and Growing Tips For Hidcote lavender

Beautiful from the outside and magically effective from inside, Hidcote lavender is a famous plant. This is grown for herbal medical and cosmetic purposes. The lavender plant has cool purple flowers and a strong fragrance. This flower is best for beauty products and people all over the world praise this plant. It can be grown in a garden for ornamental purposes but mostly it’s used for its internal benefits.

Common Name:

This plant is commonly known as a lavender plant.

Suitable Environment:

This plant grows best in fully dry and well-drained soil. The soil should be sandy and alkaline.

Growth Season:

This plant blooms from May to September.


This plant belongs to Lamiaceae.


Lamiales is the order of this plant.


Its genus is Lavandula.


This beautiful plant belongs to the species of L.angustifolia.


Its kingdom is Plantae.


This plant has a strong mesmerizing fragrance.

Sun Exposure:

Full sun works best for the growth of this plant.


For proper maintenance of this plant its recommended to follow the tips written below:

  • Trim the bushes of the young lavender plant properly after its flowering season ends.
  • Besides that keep in mind not to cut the bushes of the old lavender plant because it will not regrow.
  • Provide it with maximum sunlight and minimum water.

Watering Needs:

This plant doesn’t love much water, so it is good to water this plant occasionally.


This magical plant has a number of different uses including:

  • Different naturopathic doctors use lavender’s leaves and flowers for curing different health problems.
  • Besides that this plant is effective for glowing skin.
  • People use different beauty products made of lavender.
  • Moreover, lavender oil is best for treating anxiety its soothing fragrance helps in releasing stress and tension.


This plant is prone to fungal diseases including root rot, leaf spot, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does it has been sent?

Yes, this plant has a beautiful strong fragrance.

Can I use it for my skin?

Don’t apply lavender directly to your skin. It’s recommended to use cosmetic products of a recognized brand that has lavender extracts.

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