Aleo Brevifolia Growing Information

Aleo Brevifolia is short-leaved aloe that has compact blue evergreen perennial. In addition to this, this plant grows at a very slow rate normally 1_2 feet in height. Besides that, it produces small suckers which then develop into rosettes.

Furthermore, it is noted that the plant can grow better in spring rather than in summer and winters. The dry or soak method is the best way through which you can provide enough water to this flower. Instead of that, you can use this as a houseplant for making your garden more attractive.

Suitable place for Aleo Brevifolia:

For the protection of Aleo, it is essential to place it near a sunny location or direct sun so in this way, it can receive full light approximately about 6_8 hours regularly.

Origin of Flower:

it is native to South Africa’s western cape.


Its genus is Aleo.


The family of this is Asphodelaceae.


The subcategory of this flower is Asphodeloideae.

Tips to better grow Aleo  Brevifolia:

Here are some tips are given below which you have must follow for best growth.

  • A partially shaded area is best for its growth.
  • Fertilization and watering on the daily basis are essential.
  • Place it near a sunny location or full sun for about 6 to 8 hours.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. Is Aleo Brevifolia is useful?

Yes, it is very useful as it can help to cure sunburns and mild burns.

2. What are the common names of Aleo?

The common name of Aleo is crocodile plant, blue Aleo, short leave aleo, and Brevifolia.

3. How do you care for Aleo Brevifolia?

It can easily propagate in gravelly, sand or well-drained soil in direct sun. Besides that, it is important to provide moderate water for its best growth mostly in the spring. Moreover, give a balanced temperature 3 to 4 times in the time of the growing season.

4. What is the scientific name of Aleo?

The scientific name of this plant is Also Brevifolia.

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