Spider Lilies

These flowers are commonly known as the red magic lily, red Spider Lilies, and equinox flowers. Interestingly these flowers have beautiful and dark green stems. Spider lilies are red and attractive to most people due to their beauty. To clarify, these flowers grow up to 12-28 feet tall. The interesting thing about these flowers is that they are on stems before the complete growth of their leaves. The leaves of these flowers grow in parallels. The arrangements of its flowers are in umbel shape. The flowers that growths individually are irregular in shape along with narrow segments.

Scientific Name:

The scientific name of this flower is LycorisRadiata.

Common Name:

We can call this flower by different names such as a hurricane, resurrection Lily, red spider Lily, red magic lily, etc.


It belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family.


The red spider flowers subfamily is Amaryllidoideae





Origin Of Red Spider Lily:

These flowers were first time introduced in Japan and later in China, Korea, Nepal, and United States, and other countries. In addition to this, these flowers were the first time naturalized in Ryukyu island and Seychelles.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

These are some of the easiest flowers to grow. They can get familiar with any kind of situation. Such as partial shades or complete sunlight. It is good to choose such a location for the plantation of these flowers that can get early sunlight and afternoon shades. The soil for this flower must have good drainage and fertilization. These flowers are ideal for meadows and flower beds. The co-existence of these flowers is also possible in turfgrass.

Tips To Grow Healthy Flowers:

The following are some of the most beneficial tips for growing red spider Lilies:

  • The soil must be full of nutrients, and moist.
  • Moreover, the soil must be slightly alkaline.
  • Never bury the top part of flowers in the soil.
Frequently Asked Question:

1. Red spider lilies are used as which symbol?

These flowers are originally available in all overall Asia and are symbolizes are the flowers for final goodbyes.

2. Are red magic lilies are toxic?

Yes, these flowers are toxic and can be dangerous for all living things.

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