Alyogyne Huegelii Blue Hibiscus

Alyogyne Huegelii/ Blue Hibiscus

These are the most beautiful flowers. Alyogyne huegelii is commonly called beefsteak or blood leaves the plant. In addition to this, its height is about 2.5 centimeters tall.

Moreover, if you want your garden to look more beautiful then these flowers are the best choice. Furthermore, these flowers can grow better in summer compared to winters.

Suitable place for Alyogyne Huegelli:

It is essential to put it near brightened areas especially south-facing windows. Because if you are not put near in the lightened place then it will get leggy which is not a good thing for flowers? Instead of that, keep the pot moist by watering in both summer and spring when u feel the soil is getting dry.

Origin of Flower:

These plants are native to the Southwest botanical province of western Australia.


Its genus is Alyogyne.


The family of this flower is Malvaceae.

Scientific name:

The scientific name of these flowers is Alyogyne Huegelli.

Common Name:

The common name of this flower is blue hibiscus

Tips to better grow this plant:

  • It is important to take place near shaded service to protect it from hot or direct sunlight.
  • Moreover, these can better service under indoor lights.
  • Watering is also a very essential element for protecting these flowers as watering it will not face the problem of dryness.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. How do you plant Alyogyne?

It is very easy to propagate these plants. Additionally, you should cut approximately 10 cm long with at least three sets of leaves. Besides that, eliminate the bottom set of leaves and cut larger leaves in half for avoiding transpiration. In the end, put the cutting directly in the soil to grow it.

2. Is Alyogyne grow in shade?

Yes, Alyogyne can only grow in the shaded areas. Furthermore, these are relatively not common as other ordinary plants but the quality of this plant is that it makes your garden most beautiful if you propagate it as a houseplant.

3. Are these are useful?

Yes, these are very useful as it is considered as an excellent accent and also it can enhance the beauty of your house lawn.


Hibiscus Moscheutos.

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