Growing Tips For Salvia Mystic Spire

This attractive Salvia Mystic Spire offers the best summer garden performance with the tall flower that holds the brighter blue color flower. Besides that, its height is about 18_20 (46_ 61 cm) approximately.

Moreover, it requires medium watering as it can serve with little dryness. Additionally, these are so pretty flowers and help to enhance the beauty of your garden. Furthermore, it is quite easy to propagate it without facing difficulty.

Suitable place for Salvia Mystic Spires:

Salvia can better service in light shaded place or full sun. Instead of this, fertilization and watering on the regular basis are essential for flowering. However, it can avoid some drought but it is better to water it for better growth.

Origin of Flower:

These flowers are native to botanical gardens near two presumed flowers S. Farinacea and S. longispicata.


Its genus is salvia.


The family of this flower is Lamiaceae.

Scientific Name:

The scientific name of this plant is Salvia Mystic Spires.

Tips to better grow this plant:

  • Put it near full sun or light shaded area.
  • Watering deeply for the setting of soil is important.
  • Cut down dead leaves to get improvement in the growth of a plant.
  • Furthermore, it is mandatory to put plant 1_2 above the soil level.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. So salvia spreads?

Yes, it spreads and produces a wide range of habits, forums however most of the species rapidly grow. Some of these species reach to 5_ 6 tall within a season while other species grow slowly along with the edges of the flower. As it depends on the nature of spices whether it’s nature allow them to grow fast or slow.

2. Is these flowers are useful?

Yes, these are very useful plants as they possessed many antioxidant effects and help to increase the ability of memory, quicken senses, and brain functions.

3. How you can propagate salvia?

Its propagation is quite easy you can do it by putting it near medium temperature who b ranges from 68_ 74° F. Cutting is necessary after its arrival.

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