Foxtail Agave

Foxtail agave is considered as such succulents that are evergreen. Its leaves are hard and blue. Moreover, the color of foxtail Agave flowers is pale greenish.  And it is all around 4.5 m long. These are hard and wildflowers and are located in the habitat of the mountain.

Common Name:

The common names of this flower are Foxtail, Lion’s tailor Swan’s Neck agave

Scientific name:

 Agave attenuata




A. attenuata


The origin of this flower is central Mexico and is specially founded in mountain habitats. Moreover, these flowers belong to very rare species.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

These flowers require such environment that receives full sunlight. Moreover, these flowers are comfortably grown in partial shades. Similarly, these flowers are rare and beautiful in look. The soil should be drained and fertilized. Cacti mix is a useful matter for the healthy growth of these flowers. In addition to this, these flowers can grow with a little moisture soil.


Foxtail agave does not need a lot of pruning. The gardeners just need to remove the damage and old leaves. Trimming of these flowers is also very essential. All these things can maintain the look and growth of flowers well.

Tips To Grow:

To grow these flowers healthily we want to suggest to you some tips and tricks that are given below:

  • These flowers can tolerate normal shades.
  • It also needs good drainage soil and needs full sunlight.
  • Moreover, never plant these flowers in desert areas. Because these flowers can not bear desert heat.
Frequently Asked Questions: :

1. How much time does it take to grow into proper flowers?

These flowers take up to 10 years to grow into proper flowers and it gets up to 3cm tall.

2. Is it possible to cut the roots of these plants to regrow?

Yes, but it might take to grow from the roots into proper flowers.

3. Can these flowers be dangerous for the animals?

Yes, these flowers contain some toxic elements. Due to which they can damage the ears, eyes toes etc of the dogs.

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