kniphofia are beautiful flowers that have glass-like leaves about 10_ 100 cm long. Additionally, all plants produce bright coloured flowers like red, yellow or multicoloured. Furthermore, this plant can produce nectar to which sunbirds and bees are attracted. Moreover, it’s is essential to take care of it by providing sufficient water. The Interesting thing about this flower is that you can easily propagate it without facing any difficulty and can increase the beauty of your garden.

Suitable place for Kniphofia:

To protect this plant from any harm it is mandatory to put it near fairly lighted or full drained soil. It is best for Kniphofia if you keep it away from the direct sun.

Origin of Flower:

It’s native to Africa.


Its genus is KniphofiaMoench.


The family of this flower is Asphodelaceae.

Sub Category:

The subcategory of Kniphofia is Asphodeloideae.

Tips to better grow this plant:

Here are some tips you must follow:

  • These are well grown in full drained or light shaded areas.
  • Instead of this, it can grow naturally in water lands so best choice for the wildlife pond with little protection from winter.
  • Watering regularly is essential.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. What are the common names of kniphofia?

The common name of this plant is torch lily, tritoma, poker plant and red hot poker.

2. What is the scientific name of a flower? 

The scientific name of this flower is Kniphofia.

3. Does kniphofia spread?

yes, these can spread approximately about 3 feet over time. These are considered drought tolerant and are most favourite flowers of hummingbirds and butterflies.

4. Doeskniphofia grow in containers?

Yes, it can grow in containers but it is necessary to take care of its moisture because it needs watering for better growth otherwise it becomes destroyed.

5. Are these flowers are useful as houseplants?

Yes, you can 100% use this as a houseplant as it can help you to increase the beauty of your lawn.

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